Shipping costs vary depending on the type, volume, and delivery location of the selected item. Shipping costs can be clarified by contacting our operator.
Delivery of goods is done by coordinating the delivery time and term with the customer. The specific delivery date depends on the volume and delivery location and is individually negotiated.
The goods are delivered to the specified address. Delivery of goods is made up to the entrance door of the 1st floor (if transport access is possible). Small items up to 20kg are delivered “directly into the hands”. Unloading of bulky goods will not be included in the cost of delivery and is a separate service. We kindly ask you to ensure unloading of the goods promptly in order not to hinder the transport.
The delivery fee does not include demonstration, installation and adjustment of equipment.
The installation of goods and equipment is provided by authorized specialists of the goods distributors for an additional fee.
It is possible to receive the goods in the warehouse. Most items must be ordered in advance. For product availability, please contact us electronically or by telephone. Order processing fee is NOT applicable.
The product is delivered to the customer together with the delivery note. It is the responsibility of the buyer to compare the goods with those shown on the invoice. By signing the bill of lading, the customer confirms that he has no claims regarding the quantity and visual quality of the goods received. Please do not interfere with the supplier by checking the contents of the package. Complaints about the contents of the package will be accepted within 24 hours. If any discrepancy is found, please inform us immediately.
The products displayed on, their descriptions and prices are informative. The goods may differ from the images shown. Some of the parts or accessories shown in the illustrations may not be included as standard. We reserve the right to make technical changes without prior notice. If any of the components or specifications are particularly important to you, please specify them in advance.