Cast iron oven Sofia



Wood burning cooker Sofia with a cast iron oven

The heat-storing small cooker Sofia with a cast iron stove is a versatile fireplace, which has all the good features of a wood burning cooker in a compact package. Effectively storing frame, quickly heating and heat releasing cast iron layer and a nifty cast iron oven. In addition Sofia has a easy care and beautiful tile surface.

Wood burning cookers

Our wood burning cookers are produced in Uusikaupunki from Finnish materials. Even the beautiful mold tiles are hand-made in our own tile factory.

The wood burning cookers heat up very vast, reserve the heat for very long and possess excellent cooking features. The cookers are build in two different sizes and numerous coating choices.

Weight: about 500 kg
Height: about 900 mm
Heating area: 20 – 40 m²
Stove surface: 700 x 460 + 60 mm
Conveyor size: min. ø 150 mm or a half stone chimney, T600

You can get the stove also as a mirror image.
The handedness of the hatch can be changed.


External air inlet
Front plate


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