Fireplace Valkea 75 PP BASIC



Decades of experience and long development work are the basis for Warma-Uunit’s wide and versatile product collection.

Our products include finnish heat-storing fireplaces, wood burning cookers, fireplaces with baking ovens, high-quality stoves and convection air fireplaces.

Heat-storing fireplaces are also available with the Woodsaver burning technology.


Heat storing fireplace Valkea 75 PP Basic

Weight:  1,100 kg Height: 1700 mm Heating area: 30 – 60m², Chimney: . ⌀ 150 mm,

Heat storage capacity: 24 kWh / 3,1h(100%) 12,6h(50%) 20,9h(25%)

Consider the environment and support a cleaner future
– heat your home with wood

Experience guarantees quality

Warma-Uunit Oy is a family-owned business based in the town of Uusikaupunki, with decades of experience in manufacturing fireplaces. Thanks to our broad expertise and continuous product development, we have been able to create a wide and diverse range of fireplaces to suit both current and future needs and settings.

Our product range features everything from traditional ceramic stoves to fireplaces with modern designs.


We cherish the tradition of craftsmanship – we have kept the development, designing and manufacturing of our products in our own hands. The shaped tiles of our tiled stoves are also designed and handcrafted in our own factory. The values at the heart of our production include craftmanship, the environment, sustainable development as well as a humane and ethical lifestyle in the warmth of a high-quality fireplace.

Safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly

Heat-storing prefabricated Warma-Uunit fireplaces have been designed to heat your home safely and efficiently.

Our fireplace range makes use of new technology that ensures high efficiency, huge heat storage capacity and a lower level of emissions than ever before. Warma-Uunit fireplaces are guaranteed to radiate soft heat evenly over an extensive period.

The environment is extremely important to us, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure that our products are environmentally friendly. W1400+ Energy concrete, the material used to construct our fireplace bodies, is a Finnish natural product made primarily from recycled materials taken from the steel industry.

High-quality materials

At Warma-Uunit, we use only tried and tested high-quality materials with properties that meet the applicable requirements, however strict those may be. And since we ask a lot of ourselves, we also hold our partners’ operations to a high standard.

Our fireplace bodies are constructed of a specially made, fully fireproof material, which does not expand when heated. Studies have shown the material to be capable of withstanding frequent high temperatures (1700°C melting point), and its specific weight is 3,000 kg/cubic metre.

The properties of the material ensure high heat conductivity and excellent heat storage capacity. Thanks to our proprietary casting technique, the material is extremely dense, which further enhances the above-mentioned qualities.