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Classic and modern ceramic stoves

The fire seen through the large glass doors gives a lovely cozy atmosphere while relaxing warmth spreads through the House. Gabriels round and rectangular classic models were inspired by old Swedish stove traditions. The modern series Studio harmonizes with current interior styles and architecture. Our home page shows a selection of ceramic stoves, built by expert stove builders. Be inspired to choose a fireplace that will spread the warmth and harmony to your home.

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Classic rectangular tiled stoves Travel back in time and imagine hand-painted wallpaper, rustic oors and the scent of grilled apples. In the latter part of the 18th century, the ve-channel tiled stove was developed by architect Carl Johan Cronstedt and General Fabian Wrede. At the time, few people could afford the stoves, but today everyone can afford to enjoy the pleasant warmth and wonderful impression of an open re generated by a tiled stove. Gabriel’s classic models carry design features from older tiled stoves while simultaneously meeting current demands of form and function. Timeless favourites Set the table to feast for friends and let the light of the tiled stove spread its warm light around your home. Gabriel’s rectangular tiled stoves adorn their place and spread lovely warmth and a wonderful sense of open re. The rectangular models are inspired by the traditional tiled stoves of the past and look equally good in both classic and modern settings. Heat retaining beauty Choose between Strömsrum’s grand crown or Borgholm’s neater one, Ekeby’s beautiful eur-de-lis crown or Kungälv’s art nouveau inspired graceful crown. Brass doors are tted as standard, but if you prefer brushed stainless steel then this is available as an optional extra. Technical description The stove is constructed using an ingenious system of modules made from a refractory heat accumulating material comprising an inner core and an outer shell which are separated from each other. The inner core absorbs a large proportion of the heat expansion and moderates the stove’s thermal movements. The ef cient ve-channel ue design helps ensure an extremely high ef ciency rate and distributes even and comfortable heat to the room over a period of more than 24 hours. Gabriel’s tiled stoves are connected upwards or to the rear to an existing, approved chimney. If there is no chimney, a modular chimney in brick or steel can be mounted on top of the tiled stove. For a new installation or change in type of stove, planning permis- sion is required. Before the tiled stove can be used, it must be approved by a chimney sweep. The tiled stoves have received CE marking from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and meet the environmen- tal and safety requirements that apply to installations in a built-up area, according to building regulations BBR, BFS 1993:57 with amendments up to and including 2008:6 issued by the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. Focus on the environment 92,4% Gabriel Keramik has high quality targets when it comes to the environment, design and production. Gabriel’s tiled stoves are extremely ef cient, which means that most of the energy stored in the wood is released as heat into your home. Ef ciency is measured in tests car- ried out by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. In addition, the proportion of particles in the ue gases is very low. Results from completed particle tests show that the high requirements espe- cially in Germany and Austria, and the even higher requirements expected to come into force with effect from 2015, are already being met with a good margin. Summary of the test report can be found on website EU declaration on compliance Gabriel’s tiled stoves are a Swedish SHRA (Slow heat release appliance) product which meets the requirements for CE marking and shows that they meet EU health, environmental and safety requirements