Fireplace insert Carbel FIRE 80


Fireplace insert Carbel FIRE 80

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Fireplace insert Carbel FIRE 80


Power 11 kW.


Width: 80,5cm

Thickness: 47,5cm

Chimney output: . ⌀ 200 mm,

Efficiency: 73%
Co emissions: 0,30%
Weight: 95 kg



  • Primary air entry through the ash pan, for easy lighting.
  • 8 mm. base for higher resistence.
  • The second air intake, located on the upper part of the insert, creates a curtain of hot air that helps keep the glass clean for a longer time while improving combustion.
  • Double baffle system, easy to remove. Two deflectors help to reduce heat loss, keeping the temperature in the home as comfortable as possible. This way we achieve the highest level of energy efficiency while minimising CO2 emissions.
  • Flue pipe 20 cm, adaptable to the majority of installations.