Fireplace insert Carbel A-70 Plus


Fireplace insert Carbel A-70 Plus

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Fireplace insert Carbel A-70 Plus


Power 5-12 kW.

Nominal power 6,9 kW


Width: 70cm

Thickness: 47cm

Chimney output: . ⌀ 150 mm,

Efficiency: 75%
Co emissions: 0,11%
Weight: 90 kg



Insertable minimalist design ideal to create two or three environments thanks to its lateral vision.

Equiped with the Plus energy efficiency system.

Chimney interior lined with refractory cement slabs. High resistance. High thermal inertia. Self-cleaning material.

2 fans of three positions:

  • Operation at minimum speed

  • Operation at maximum speed.

  • Operation with automatic safety thermostat, the ventilation system is automatically activated when detecting 45º or more in the bottom of the insert 

Ventilation of 360 m3 / h. Through two fans of two speeds and safety thermostat.