Fireplace Aino



Aino is a modern heat storing and metal plated replace from Tiileri. Aino represents classic Scandinavian design. Tiileri is one of the oldest manufacturers of heat storing replaces and has extensive knowledge in this area, that a reason why Aino replace is one of the best replaces out these relative to its size. Aino generates heat for 30 hours with only a handful of wood. Round and sleek design along with powder painted nish makes the Aino replace an ideal centrepiece your home. Tiileri o ers a vast choices of colours, so you can nd the exact colour that ts your interior design.

Technical details:

With a e ciency rate of 91% along with low emissions and this combined with Tiileri Arina solution makes Aino a technologically
advanced replace. Tiileri Aino replace is made from special bricks that contain porcelain fragments, this makes the bricks more
durable and suitable for replace use. Aino replace is designed to last decades and because of the special bricks the heat storing 91% capabilities don’t diminish in usage. 1200/1250kg mass assures that the heat is distributed evenly and up to 30 hours. Aino has
both connection options; top and down.