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Air intake diameter (mm) Φ 40
Autonomy min./max. (h) 7/24
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm) Φ 80
Pellet container capacity (kg) 20
Pellet use per hour min./max (kg/h) 0,83/2,85
Power intake min./max. (W) 55/355
Heat performance (%) 85,4
Nominal power min./max. (kW) 3/7,8
Weight (kg) 126

Size: Height 993mm, width 505mm, depth 595mm,


  • Automatic firing up mechanism;
  • Ideal for heating both the office and the home;
  • Daily and weekly room temperature programmer;
  • One-time charge of 20 kg of fuel allows for maintenance-free operation of up to 24 hrs.;
  • Highest grade, high-quality exhaust in accordance with EN 14785.

Pellet stoves become more and more popular not only owing to their high heating efficiency and using pellet, a pro-environment renewable fuel (wood granulate), but also due to low carbon dioxide emission andclear combustion, a result of which is a small volume of ash and a significantly cleaner glass.
The HITZE brand offers top-notch Voga pellet stoves made of premium quality steel resistant to high temperatures and meeting all the Polish and European safety standards.
The Voga pellet stove series can be characterised with an exceptional heating efficiency, a modern design, a stylish colour set, as well as high comfort of everyday use. The name is derived from an Italian word “voga,” which means “fashion” and is particularly valued by lovers of exquisite designs. Inside all the Voga pellet stoves, there is a ceramic insert that accumulates heat in the combustion chamber and is resistant to temperature of up to 1000°C. They are also equipped with an automated fire up mechanism and are perfect for both office and home space. Moreover, they include an electronic programmer that allows you to set a daily or weekly temperature that fits your needs. Another advantage of the Vola pellet stoves is that it is possible to supply them with up to 20-30 kg of fuel that is sufficient to burn for up to 36 hours, without supervision.


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