Fireplace stove

Our fireplace stove is an excellent choice for a private house, apartment, rural property and holiday home!

The structure of Woodsaver fireplaces enables double combustion. The heat-reflecting material of the fireplace raises the burning temperature and increases the gasification of the wood. The finely-tuned air supply system guides air to the upper section of the firebox, igniting the hot combustion gases generated by the wood. This makes it possible to use the energy released by the wood efficiently. All Woodsaver fireplaces have a high efficiency ratio of up to 92%.

Woodsaver fireplaces are easy to use, as they are very similar to traditional fireplaces in terms of their functionality. Place wood or pellet in the fireplace, open the required dampers, light the fire and close the door – quite simple, really!

The difference from traditional fireplaces lies in the supply of combustion air: normally, a heat-storing fireplace only takes air in through the grate. A Woodsaver fireplace can also be used in the traditional way, but when secondary air is supplied through the back wall of the fireplace, the same amount of wood will provide significantly more heating power. In Woodsaver fireplaces, combustion air is controlled with dampers, just like in traditional fireplaces.

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